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Home Maintenance for the Spring
    With the weather being not too hot and not too cold, it is the perfect opportunity to walk around your house and see if there are any evident signs that your house may need a tune-up. The change of seasons effects your home in a variety of ways. With the winter going out, and the spring weather coming in, it can be easy to notice some slight differences in your home. Some key areas to look at are your roof, chimney, exterior and interior walls, foundation, windows, attics, basements, decks, patios, and signs of any leaks. Bob Vila's website does a great job of going in depth on these issues.
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We at Priority One believe that homeowners should be informed, so we put together this resource page for you.

Structural damage 

     To a person's home, structural damage is a serious issue and requires hiring a contractor to ensure your most valuable investment remains in prime condition. Priority One Construction, LLC will come to you and provide a free professional estimate. First time customers receive a 15% discount.

There are a few things that you can walk around your house and look for. This will help you have an idea of something you want to have the contractor to look at during the inspection. Look for any:

  • jarring windows and doors
  • vertical cracks - wide at the top and narrow
  • horizontal cracks
  • crumbling or bug infested joists
  • change in the weather or season

For a more thorough checklist and explanation 
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