Review Date: February 18, 2016
"Originally, my family experienced a water leakage from their bedroom ceiling coming from the attic. Priority One Construction jumped into action immediately within days. The company is very professional. Joe and his crew were to able to completely repair the damage within a day and a half. You can not tell that there was any damage to the ceiling. I highly recommend this company for their service and professional work."

   ~Michael Chrysovergis

Joe Meehling

(443) 928-5227

Review Date: January 13, 2016

Priority One has done work for me in the past and has been nothing short of a personal, sincere, and professional. Joe Meehling heads the company and is hands on in every situation I have used his services for!

Using this, Priority One was 1st company, I called. Joe answered immediately and then arrived within the hour!! He thoroughly inspected everything and found out that there was corrosion on the hoses connecting my sink to the water supply. Joe then went to the hardware store, and replaced my entire sink unit - the job was complete within a few hours!

I continue to be COMPLETELY satisfied and have every intention of calling Priority One for whatever comes my way! I have recommended Priority One to many of my friends and family who have also praised their services! Please call Priority One if you need ANYTHING!!"

~Mabel Glatthaar

What Our Client's Have to Say

Priority One Construction a full service residential and commercial construction contractor that stands behind the most important goal in the industry:




It's no secret that you have literally hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a renovation contractor but“Priority One Construction Inc.”will hands down offer you more value packed servicesthan any other contractor around. We have built a solid reputation of deliveringhigh qualitycommercial construction and residential home improvement services from handyman services to full home renovations.

Every customer is treated withprofessional and courteous service that will

leave an impression long after the job is completed. Whether you have residential, commercial, interior or exterior home renovation or house painting needs you can rest assured we will provide courteous and high quality professional workmanship.

Who We Are

Review Date: January 13, 2016
"We live in a very old house and Priority One Construction made the most amazing bathroom - complete with all the necessary safety rails and other accommodations for the elderly.  You would not believe the difference between the old bathroom and new bathroom.  This is just one of the many services Priority One Construction has provided for us.  I will list the other services below.

We have used Priority One Construction since moving into our home in August 2004.  They have remodel the entire basement, covered the horrible plaster ceilings and other plaster walls with drywall, installed recessed lighting, installed a new boiler (we have steam heat), installed a new bathroom in the basement, renovated the kitchen, installed a huge parking pad in the front of the house, and lastly the new handicapped bathroom for my father.
We have been very pleased with the work, price and timeliness of Priority One Construction.

I highly recommend Priority One Construction.   I have absolutely no financial interest in this company but my home has been and always will be available to potential customers to see their quality of work and hear from my own lips my experiences.  Just ask Joe to put you in touch with me

~Howard Jones

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Review Date: February 03, 2016
"When my beloved 95 year old next door neighbor passed, I bought her little house built in the 1920's.  She hadn't done any work on the house since 1961 when she moved in.  I knew in general terms what I wanted to do but not how to accomplish my goal.

"Then a friend introduced me to Joe Meehling and Priority One Construction.  We wound up gutting the entire hose, adding insulation and completely redesigning.  The kitchen, breakfast nook and living room were opened up and transformed from three rooms to one big one.  The bathroom was enlarged, completely redone with a shower.  The electricity was completely rewired.  Windows were all replaced.  Central air was installed.  Joe was patient and very helpful in working with me and providing practical advice.  He always responded to my questions.  Not only was his work on the job handled well, Joe also got permits for everything, including adding major structural support.  It saved my a lot of time and effort - which is exactly what I needed with such a large project.

"The work was excellent.  Not only was it excellent, it was also done in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

"Tenants have lived in the house for almost five years now and they have loved that little house and there have been no problems (OK, I had to hand tighten a socket under the sink one). Since then Joe and Priority One have done a variety of jobs for me from as small as replacing a dishwasher to repairing my attic / crawlspace after a raccoon decided to take up residence ( a large creature that can and did cause massive damage).

As a homeowner and as the owner of a rental home, I am far more comfortable knowing that I can call on Joe Meehling and Priority One Construction for support when a job needs to be don and done right.  I continue to recommend his services to anyone I know that needs something done.

~James Sauer